Presentation of the PREDIP to the Administrative and Political Authorities of Tchologo

As part of the facilitation of the implementation of PREDIP in the countries and on the sites, a joint CILSS / AFL mission was received in audience by the PREDIP Regional Coordination by the 2nd Vice-President of the Regional Council of the Region of Tchologo, located in the North of Ivory Coast, the honorable deputy of Kong DIOMANDE Abdoulaye Karim, representing the President of the Regional Council. The meeting took place in the presence of the Director General of the Region of Tchologo.

AFL explained to the representative of the President of the Regional Council of Tchologo, the pastoral infrastructures and arrangements that the project intends to achieve in the region through social engineering, mechanism prior to their establishment and the mechanisms for their sustainability through territorial anchoring. AFL spoke of the difficulties it encounters in setting up in the social engineering process which slows down the establishment of these infrastructures. The joint CILSS / AFL mission requested the support of the Regional Council to enable it to move forward in the process of social engineering and cross-community issues. After the discussions, the 2nd Vice-President thanked the members of the mission PREDIP’s interest in the region in terms of planned investments and has indicated its agreement to assist AFL in setting up the infrastructures planned in the region by facilitating the acquisition of various documents related to the land and better stakeholder involvement.

The inter-community plan that will be put in place for infrastructure management must take into account successful experiences in other countries while adapting it to the legal and regulatory frameworks of Côte d’Ivoire. activities will be developed by the Regional Council to support AFL with better involvement of the various actors.

The joint AFL / CILSS mission ‘PREDIP team composed of Dr Ahmat Hassan MOUSSA Coordinator and Salifou MAHAMADOU agro-pastoral expert for Component 5, Arnaud François Africa Coordinator and Emmanuelle DIE Program Officer at AFL.